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News and tips to get the most out of the Internet

3 free stock image banks tested for you

What would a world without photos look like? This question may seems trivial, but we just need to think about it for a moment to realize how much they are part of our lives. At home, at work, in public areas, on social networks ... pictures are everywhere. With the web, they are circulating and…
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Netflix: Discover its secret hidden codes

The great thing with Netflix is that it’s based on a very sophisticated suggestion system. We can easily go through personalized content without having to do too much research. On the other hand, have you already felt like you have drained all of its content or have experienced difficulty finding what you’re looking for? If…
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Modem vs router: knowing the difference

You may be wondering if you really need to understand the difference between a modem and a router. In fact, it’s very useful since by being able to understand their distinct role in your Internet connection, you will be capable of ensuring that they work properly. What is a modem? The modem is the device…
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How to prepare your Internet move?

On July 1st, on average 200,000 Québec households relocate to a new address each year. It’s often an endurance test for those who move, but it is also a marathon for our teams, very solicited during this period. To help those of you who are moving this year, we have collected the best advices from…
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