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Cable or fibre, we offer all
Internet technologies and
all speeds.
You have a small budget
or you are a major consumer,
we have a plan for you!
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quality service can be.
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  • Offers with no hidden fees that are easy to understand;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Reliable providers with over 15 years of experience;
  • An attentive customer service.
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  • Internet

  • $29.95

    per month

    starting at
  • 56kbs up to 60 Mbs DSL, FTTN & Cable
  • 20 GB to UNLIMITED
  • IP Telephony

  • $14.95

    per month

    starting at
  • Keep your telephone number
  • Save money on line & options
  • Tripleplay

  • $44.90

    per month

    starting at
  • Why pay more with a tripleplay from the giants?
  • Montreal's South and North shores call for the same price as 514
  • Long distance

  • $4.95

    per month

    starting at
  • Canada & US as low as 2¢/min
  • On land lines or cell phones

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