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I offer you the simplicity, reliability and incredible upload speeds of fibre hybride Cable.

Enjoy the simplicity, reliability and incredible upload speeds of Internet cable access from B2B2C.

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You’re looking for even more speed from your Internet cable access? Check out our 30 and 60Mb/s cable plans.


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L’Internet Haute Vitesse Câble de B2B2C dispose de la plus grande couverture au Québec. Le service d’assistance personnalisée est là pour vous aider et vous permet d’obtenir satisfaction totale des services offerts par votre Fournisseur Internet.


B2B2C’s surcharge protection is there to offer you peace of mind. It includes not only a low per Go price and a limit on what we can charge you for additional transfer in one month on ALL our plans, but also a commitment to clear your charges retroactively for the previous month’s surcharge when upgrading to a higher capacity plan.

* Monthly prices shown reflect the promotions indicated.The activation fees displayed reflect the application of an $ 80.00 promotional value for 5, 10, 15 and 20Mb/s Cable services and $ 25.95 for 30 and 60Mb/s Cable services (i.e. the economic benefit). This promotion may have to be repaid, in whole or in part, if the subscription is not active at least 12 months (i.e. the vesting period). This discount is applied at the time of the order or may also be spread over the first year. Some restrictions apply. Contact us for more details.

Cable access does not require an active cable television access. If none exists, one will be installed with the service at no additional cost.

+ Speed delivered on a given access may be less than indicated, because it depends on the traffic on the local loop.

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