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The alternative
to the network giants

B2B2C, founded in 1995, delivers to SMEs IT services and solutions more flexible and cost-effective than those offered by the network giants with a customer service best suited to their business reality.

With B2B2C, our customers can rely on tested and recognized expertise in

  1. Network implementation and management , local or external, public or private
  2. VoIP telephone systems (IP PBX) and business VoIP telephony
  3. Cloud deployment of applications and servers
  4. Web development and systems integration

A unified VOICE, DATA and INTERNET network

DSL, fiber TTN, hybrid fiber-cable and optical fiber access,
in Ontario and Quebec on the same network

A next generation VoIP network
with extended local calling areas in the major urban centers.

An ultra-robust cloud operating environment.

B2B2C is over 50 professionals distributed among our three offices

Quebec and

with a capacity to act across Quebec and Ontario.

Our offices

Innovative technologies

Virtuoso VoIP telephone system which can be operated on the customer site, hosted or virtualized

MXDSL access that boosts the capacity of DSL access when it is the only technology available

Redundancy access that makes affordable automatic fail-over circuits over diversified technologies

A private network for SMEs delivering MPLS level network security without its cost or complexity of management

Specialized vertical solutions including network, telephone system, cloud applications and integration (eg insurance brokerage)

A commitment to quality

Reliable services and solutions is our priority and we have set up what it takes to achieve it:

Outstanding quality customer service

24/7 network monitoring and one of the best MTBF (mean time between failures) in the industry

Affordable redundancy circuit options on most access types

Proven expertise in delivering QoS on business VoIP communications

B2B2C's commitment to quality

B2B2C nurtures its relations with other leaders in the industry, whether integrators, developers, OEMs or interconnectors. With them, we deliver not just services but intergrated IT solutions.

These are dynamic partnerships that transform technologies into solutions. That is why our partners, as do our clients, look to B2B2C, the most experienced operator in building true business networks.

Career opportunities

Join a dynamic team and a solid company based in Quebec!

Building Your Career in Information Technology

We offer a friendly and dynamic environment

initial and ongoing training offered for all our positions

Opportunities in the Montreal area (Laval), Quebec City and Sherbrooke

Discover our career profiles and job offers on the INDEED.COM website or contact us by email.

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