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A complete portfolio designed for SMEs
For high performance and economical IP services
B2B2C, the alternative to the network giants.

Business class Internet access over cable or fiber the best prices

B2B2C, the alternative to the network giants
in Ontario and Quebec

B2B2C Internet access

Protect your data by insulating it from the Internet,
without having to setup a VPN or pay the premium for MPLS .

D-LAN and LAN-Extension on Optical fiber

Private IP networks

More choices technologies than are offered by the giants!

Business Telephone System

Your SME can make the switch to VoIP with confidence
with our Virtuoso VoIP phone system.

Virtuoso is the right choice whatever your preferred configuration: local or virtual; for one or multiple sites; standalone or integrated to your systems and applications.

Virtuoso Phone Systems

Enjoy the gains in efficiency and productivity that VoIP telephony provides
by discovering our full range of next-generation voice services.

SIP trunks, analog lines and faxes via email

VoIP telephony services

Since 1995, over 5000 SMEs in Ontario and Quebec have chosen B2B2C service.

Ensure power and reliability to your websites, email servers and cloud applications.

Web Hosting, Web Development, Hosted MS Exchange server, Colocation, Domain names and SSL



Cloud services