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MXDSL Internet access

The way to get more speed out of DSL Internet access
Redundancy access
the most economical way of getting redundent physical access to any site


Break the limits of your DSL access

A B2B2C innovation, MXDSL propel your business with speeds that exceeds the limits of DSLtechnology.

With its download speed up to four times higher than traditional access MXDSL can help your business meet the demand of curent network-centric applications.

Redundant 10MB/s Internet Access
  • Primary: 10Mb/s cable
  • Backup: 6 Mb/s DSL
  • 1 static IP
  • Equipment included
  • Most abordable fail-over circuit in the industry
  • Multiple other speeds and configurations available
  • Activation : 498,90$
  • Price displayed on a 36 months agreement


per month

Do not wait, the MXDSL is available on most of the territory currently served by standard B2B2C ADSL. Talk with your B2B2C account manager to learn more about this innovative service.

The MPlex technology on which the service is based was developed by B2B2C. Therefore, it is not available from other Internet and data service providers. Even the telecom giants, like Bell and Videotron, do not offer such upload speeds at this price point. It is not surprising that B2B2C’s MXDSL has been adopted by hundreds of SMEs and large companies – banks, manufacturers, retailers, etc. Talk with your B2B2C account manager to learn how companies like yours have taken advantage of this innovative access.

Applications types

Web Servers

Give your web servers the capacity they require. With faster upstream speeds you can accept more simultaneous visitors and deliver content faster. Advance to MXDSL speeds and support your growth and your brand.

Application Servers

The shift to applications delivered via Web interfaces from a centralized server accelerates. Meet the growing demand on your application servers with an access that delivers more upstream bandwidth. With it, you can accept more simultaneous users and deliver richer content.

IP Telephony

The time has come to move to IP telephony in order to take advantage of the savings and features it enables. Give your PBX-IP the bandwidth it requires to maintain high transmission quality with all your remote sites. More upstream bandwidth means more phone lines on the same access and less compression.

Video surveillance

Video uses great amounts of upload bandwidth from every monitored site. Replace an ADSL or Cable access by an MXDSL to activate more cameras or achieve better resolutions and refresh rates.

Remote Access & VPN

Help your teleworkers to be more productive. Replace your standard 6 M/s DSL access by an MXDSL circuit in order to accept more simultaneous visitors on your network and deliver to better response times.

Redundancy access

The most economical automatic fail-over solutions

More than 50% of network outages occur as a result of a failure on the local access circuit. More exposed than the other components of the network, the local access circuit is also more difficult to repair.

Replacing your single technology access by a Redundacy access is an effective solution to reduce the risk of loss of connectivity with its physically diverse circuits.

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12X3.2 Private MXDSL Internet Access
  • 12 Mb/s download
  • 1.2 à a 3.2 Mb/s upload
  • Unlimited private transfer
  • Equipment included
  • Activation : $ 549
  • Price displayed on 36 months agreement

etiquette3 Same availability as DSL

Starting at
per month
Protection against loss of productivity of an administrative office

Do not send your personal home during a network failure. At a loss of service on the main circuit of Redundancy access, speed will be reduced but connectivity will be maintained. Your teams will continue to work, often without notice degradation in performance. This will minimize the number of emergency service call and support your growth at best.

Backup plan for web servers

You have invested in your IT infrastructure to guard against loss of service? Add, at little cost, the missing element to your survivability plan. Ensuring that your fixed IP addresses is maintained transparently when transferring between main and backup circuits, Redundancy access simplifies your life.

Maintaining IP telephony communications

Give your IP PBX the robust network access it deserves. Redundancy access provide it with what it needs to keep  up communications to your remote sites and your local lines.