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Advantages of a B2B2C private IP network

All the benefits of a virtual private network (VPN), but more economical, safer and easier to manage!

Your Internet access is increasingly used for your internal communications? The time has come to separate these two uses on different networks.

With a B2B2C Private IP network, the local area networks (LAN) of your different offices will be connected to the same intra-company private network or served by multiple dedicated networks. Therefore your applications, including those usually deployed at your headquarters or in our data centres, will run quickly, efficiently and safely at each of your sites.

Ask a B2B2C specialist about how a private network could benefit your business or send us an RFP.

B2B2C’s Private IP Access is available on most of the territory currently served by our Internet access network. Talk with your B2B2C account manager to quickly confirm the availability of this service for each of your sites.

  • No router purchase required
  • No need for an expert to configure or apply changes to the system
  • Remotely manage the infrastructure, which reduces costs and problems for your IT experts
  • Easily add backup failover circuits to one or more sites, with no impact on IP addressing
  • Simple management of IP addressing, which remains under your control
  • Compatibility with applications that only require a bridge

  • No special fees for the initial configuration or changes, and no management fees
  • Monthly pricing at a fraction of MPLS rates
  • Put in service up to two times faster
  • Wider choice of access types
  • Greater geographical availability
  • Capacity to segment applications into several channels, depending on your priorities

Typical Applications

ERP systems and databases deployed at remote sites

Deploy your financial applications, ERP or POS terminals at your regional offices, on a network totally isolated from Internet access and other applications. The establishment of a private network, logically and physically separated from the main network of your business will ensure better control of user access rights and help you manage the performance level of your key applications.

Application access via MS Terminal Server® or CITRIX® sessions

Response time on terminal sessions is a key factor of success. One of the best ways to ensure a minimum response time is to segment your network. Set up a private IP network for these applications and ensure quality service to your end-users regardless of network congestion on the main corporate Internet access.

MS Terminal Server and CITRIX are registered trademarks of Microsoft and Citrix Systems, Inc. respectively.

Tele-surveillance via remote video cameras

How many cameras can be installed and the resolution of the images they deliver depends on the capacity of your network. Avoid congestion problems with a private network by securing the bandwidth you need in addition to protecting confidentiality of the information delivered by your cameras.

Centralization of the firewall function

Reduce the cost of managing the individual Internet circuits and firewall routers deployed to each of your regional offices or branches. Replace them with a private IP access and concentrate all their Internet traffic to the Firewall routers of your main office. A single firewall router simplifies your Internet access management and provides more control over its use. The conversion of multiple Internet accesses into a Private IP network is an approach that delivers proven cost savings and improved management of the network resources of a company.

Continuous off-site backup

The amount of data transferred between your live production servers and your off-site backup systems is high? Enjoy unlimited transfer on a B2B2C private IP network installed for this purpose specifically or for all of your internal data transfer needs. Save on the cost of magnetic tapes delivery and enable continuous progressive backups with your own private IP network.

Remote management and remote monitoring

On-site technician service calls are expensive, but opening the management ports of your servers and routers on the main corporate network is not safe. Is there another option? Absolutely! Install private IP access on DSL or cable for your remote equipment. This is a new, safe and cost-effective option. Moreover, several leading outsourcing firms have made the switch to this high-performance option since its launch in 2008 to remotely administer the IT resources of their clients. It’s the perfect solution to keep all your systems up-to-date with the latest patches and upgrades.

High-quality inter-site videoconferencing

As is the case for video telesurveillance (above), videoconferencing requires constant bandwidth to maintain its quality. The operation of private IP network linking your telepresence rooms will prevent network congestion from affecting your video calls, without hurting your budget. Cheaper than specialized video networks or MPLS circuits, the use of a B2B2C private IP network can free from your budget what is needed to open new videoconferencing rooms.