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Virtuoso is a complete business package.

When your focus is on building your business,
you need an all-inclusive solution.

5 vendors in one. It's ... simply Virtuoso!

Why complicate thing by dealing separately with 3, 4 or even 5 separate vendors when there’s a simpler choice?

With Virtuoso, B2B2C offers you a fully integrated service.


Simply Virtuoso
or PBX reseller?

Vituoso is our own technology.  Built on an open source backbone, it’s our very own system. Because of this, we master its inner workings and do not have to wait on the home office of a multinational PBX manufacturer to resolve issues or wait on service updates to tailor the system to your needs.

Why purchase from a simple reseller of technology when you can call on its actual creator?

Installation & Service:
Simply Virtuoso
or Interconnector service contract?

Virtuoso service delivers all the features of an interconnector service contract and more.

You can count on remote and on-site technical support and all software upgrades.  Also, with three regional offices our teams can reach your site(s) quickly and our Virtuoso development team can be counted on to assist in resolving complexe issues without having to wait for input from a third party PBX manufacturer.

Network Voice & Data:
Simply Virtuoso
or Seperate carrier contracts?

With Virtuoso, your telephone numbers, voice and data lines are included in the service. In addition, we can integrate all your Internet needs to save even more.

With B2B2C’s Virtuoso, there is no need for separate contracts with one or multiple carriers and no worries about quality as we take responsibility for it all. It’s one-stop-shopping and peace of mind.

Monitoring & Support:
Simply Virtuoso
or Inhouse tech?

B2B2C services are monitored and under control at all times. All changes to your phone system configuration are implemented by our team to ensure you don’t loose a call.

Virtuoso is managed by us, so you don’t have to. DIY interfaces can go so far when your PBX is key to your business.

Simply Virtuoso
or Software subcontractor?

B2B2C can help you go further with VoIP integration than can third party software companies. We can develop Virtuoso’s capabilities to meet your business’ needs through our ongoing development of the platform or through custom development contracts.

The more you integrate your IP PBX into your other systems, the more you gain. When you call on us, we work with your internal teams and external IT vendors to integrate your Virtuoso IP PBX into your business processes.