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Virtuoso system features

Virtuoso offers the best features in its class. Features that makes your communication enjoyable, productive and reliable everyday. This is a complete service delivering more than traditional phone systems.

User call management

  • Three way conferencing
  • Call waiting, do not disturb and call pickup
  • Distinctive ring (if supported by selected IP phones)
  • Interactive telephone directory
  • Time and date of call history
  • Caller ID, including for calls on hold
  • Caller ID blocking (black listing)

Enhanced Voicemail

  • Email delivery of voice messages
  • Message waiting visual indicator
  • Distinctive message indicator tone
  • Web management interface for messages and recordings
  • SMS messaging

Call center features

  • Call queues with Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Detailed call reporting (CDR and web interface)
  • High flexibility Interactive voice Response (IVR)
  • Advanced call routing, including by called and calling party
  • Local and remote telephone attendants

Advanced call management

  • Call parking
  • Customized music on hold
  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Advanced Interactive Voice Respons (IVR)
  • Supervised or unsupervised call transfer
  • Call forwarding on no answer
  • Local and remote telephone extensions
  • DISA gateway

Integrated network access

  • Local telephone lines included
  • Extended local calling areas
  • Softphone support
  • Local installation of equipment and network for maximum QoS
  • E911 Emergency service

Extensive equipment compatibility

  • Supports a large variety of telephones and devices
  • Tested with equipment from most top suppliers
  • Can reuse your existing equipment (Call for confirmation)
  • Ready for Internet of Things projects (Call us for a free evaluation)

Virtuoso advanced features

Call Recording [option]

Recording telephone conversations is becoming the standard in many industries and even a requirement in some. You can easily add this feature to your Virtuoso system. It is an ideal solution for SMEs who want to meet compliance requirements, provide training, check their sales transactions or more easily resolve client communication issues.

Retrieving recordings

The Virtuoso call recording option is a proven reliable system for capturing, indexing and retrieval of telephone interactions. With it, you can easily search and replay the captured calls for an hour of a given day, for a called number, for a caller or for a specific agent. What’s more, you can share these interactions throughout your business, providing insight into the behavior of your customers and your staff.

Call volume and administration

The Virtuoso call recording option can support your entire call volume from each of your offices across your organization with a single point of administration. This frees you of the costs, constraints and complexity posed by systems that are installed in your office.


If you need to keep some or all of your recordings, know that Virtuoso can support multiple archiving options. Talk to one of our specialists to learn more about them.

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Fax transmissions [option]

Replace your fax machines with paperless faxing through your Virtuoso VoIP PBX. With this option, your staff sends and receives faxes via their email client, using your own fax number.
Incoming faxes are transferred directly to a mailbox. Outgoing faxes can be PDF or TIFF files scanned or printed in PDF format on their computer.
Several incoming numbers and advanced routing configurations can also be added to this option.

> Fax transmissions > Contact us to learn more

Call management panel [option]

Add a management panel to Virtuoso for more control. This allows you to view the activity on the system, such as who is speaking to whom, the duration of calls, calls on hold, the activity of the queue, calls on hold, etc.

It also allows you to control your phone, make transfers, spy on a call, whisper to an agent, and more.

Web interface

Everything is done from your web browser, without installing anything on the client side. The courrente version has 2 lines per telephone and call status displayed, so you can see exactly what is happening.

For call center supervisors

Not only can you view the status of extensions but also a quick overview of the queues.

  • See agents logged into a queue
  • See agent status (paused, logged off, invalid)
  • See every call waiting on the queue with its timer
  • Manage agents: add, remove or pause queue members
  • Filter extension list to only queue members with one click
  • Spy or whisper to your agents

For receptionists

Developed with a receptionist in mind. All actions are available within two clicks of the mouse.

  • See who is available
  • Transfer directly to destination extension, voicemail or external numbers
  • Ability to pickup ringing phones
  • Manage and visualize parked calls
  • Realtime search and filter of extensions

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The Internet of Things is a reality.
VoIP is at the center of this transformation

Integration with your business software [option]

The integration of software applications to a business phone system results in a remarkable improvement of business processes and that translate to financial savings.

Virtuoso can be integrated deeply into the technological infrastructure of your business. Depending on your needs, we can build solutions integrating it into your ERP and CRM or even into your in-house developed systems.

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