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Virtuoso MOBILE

One unique number to manage your incoming calls with ease.

1 number to reach everyone!

  • Don’t give them your cell number.
  • Transfer your current number to the service or choose a new one, regular or 800.
  • Link each menu option with a user or team.

Enhanced voicemail

  • Receive your voicemails by email
  • Manage them via a Web interface
  • 1 distinct voice mailbox per menu / user option

Give them up to 9 choices

Configure up to 9 choices in your interactive menu

Transfer to whoever you want

Redirect calls to a person or team according to the chosen menu option.

Define your business hours

Adjust your calendar and record a message when you aren’t taking calls.

Answer on your mobile or at the office, alone or as a team

  • Redirect incoming calls to a landline, mobile phone or a combination of 3 numbers for each option on the menu
  • Each menu option has its own voice mailbox, call forwarding instructions and management interface allowing you to use the choices as an individual extension or department.

Turn your smartphone into a Virtuoso.

Is your business expanding and you want to improve phone management to provide a better customer experience?

Here’s the solution: Virtuoso Mobile adds a interactive voice response that welcomes incoming calls and redirects them to a recipient of your choice, whether they work from a landline or a mobile. 

Call now

Redirect calls in multiple ways

Always give a professional answer with an Interactive Menu and automatic call, Transfer, offered in two modes: Follow me and Simultaneous ringing.

Transfer calls to a desk phone or cell phone.

Use a ring group to decrease call waiting time for your customers. a)

Ring multiple phones simultaneously to have the call answered by the available. b)

Activate an individual mailbox and personalized message for each extension*.

Redirect  to voicemail outside of your opening hours for complete peace of mind.

*1 per menu choice

Are you looking for a single telephone number to replace a Bell SNU, Single Number Reach or Total Connect. Find the answer in this blog post.

Easy control from your mobile

1. Set your business hours the way you want.

2. Define a Holiday Schedule without redefining your regular business hours

3. Use the 9 menu choices to create phone extensions or direct to a department For example: Dial 1 for Alice Morin, 2 for deliveries

4. Define which of your mailboxes will be used for overflow.

5. Activate or deactivate a menu choice – without losing its configuration –  in one click.

6. Give others the management  of a menu/telephone option and select the access code

7. Temporarily shut off the Virtuoso Mobile service.

8. Set the language used for automatically generated messages by the system

9. Personalize your greeting at any moment.


Become a mobile Virtuoso and grow your business!

Easy to administer, at the office as on the road.

  • Configure your entire system or only one extension* from the administrator interface.
  • Add an email address to get a copy of your messages upon receipt.
  • Keep your voicemail messages in 5 groups.
  • Update your greetings anytime.
  • Check your incoming and outgoing call history.

*1 permenu choice


Basic system

2 simultaneous calls +
9 configurables menu options
1 outside business hours message
1 temporary greeting
1 weekly business hours schedule
1 mobile or PC administrator interface

For each of the menu options

1 Simple transfer numbers or
3 transfer numbers in Follow Me or Simultaneous ringing mode
1 voicemail
1 email address for voice message transfer
1 mobile or PC administrator interface

+ Additional simultaneous calling capacity offered as an option  

Virtuoso MOBILE Annual
  • 1 unique number
  • 9 menu options
  • Activation fee: $ 99
  • 2 simultaneous incoming calls
  • Add. sim. incoming calls: + 4 $ /c/ m
  • Toll free number :  call
  • Term :  annual
per month
Virtuoso MOBILE Monthly
  • 1 unique number
  • 9 menu options
  • Activation fee: $ 199
  • 2 simultaneous incoming calls
  • Add. sim. incoming calls: + 15 $ /c/ m
  • Add. number : $4 / m
  • Toll free number :  call
  • Term :  monthly
per month

Limitations of Virtuoso Mobile

  1. Users of the service must have a landline or mobile telephone service to receive the incoming calls transferred to them  and to place outgoing calls.
  2. A answered call can not be transferred to another menu option.
  3. A toll-free service (1-800 number) can be directed to the local service number associated with a Virtuoso Mobile account. The usage fees for these calls not included.
  4. There’s a possibility of having a missed called on your cell phone when you answered on your landline. (a,b)