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Virtuoso telephone handset catalog

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For the most modest to the most demanding needs
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The 6735 is the basic model of our Mitel SIP phones with HD-quality audio and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

> Plus

The most economical of our Mitel, the 6735i supports up to 9 simultaneous calls and offers maximum voice quality with HD audio technology.

This is the ideal tool for anyone doing a moderate to intensive phone use in a Gigabit network environment.

6865 SIP


The exceptional flexibility of 6865, our most popular model, is a real added value for office SIP phones.

> Plus

Viewing information on the Mitel 6865i SIP phone is easy with a large 3.4″ 128 x 48 pixels backlight LCD screen and its large clear characters, and that regardless of the surrounding lighting.

With its 8 programmable buttons, its XML capabilities, its DHSG / EHS headphone jack, its true HD combined speakers offering exceptional broadband audio quality, the Mitel 6865 SIP phone is perfect for small and large companies.



This SIP phone can support up to 9 lines. Designed for the enterprise user, this fully-featured desktop phone offers flexibility and reliability for those with heavy phone use and network requirements.

> Plus

The 6867 offers HD wideband audio quality, a speaker enhanced with dual microphones and an audio processing system for clearer and sharper hands-free conversations.

Supporting high speed networks through Gigabit Ethernet ports, the 6867i has a large color LCD display, 6 programmable keys, 4 soft keys and a native DHSG / EHS headphone jack.


Yealink W56P

The Yealink SIP W52P is a wireless handset designed for small businesses looking for the flexibility that gives mobility and rich business functionality of VoIP telephony at an economical price.

> Plus

This SIP phone replaces its predecessor, the popular W52, with a sleek design and a battery capacity nearly three times larger. One of the latest technology , it’s Li -ion battery, allows the phone to support a whopping of 30 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time. The user benefits from freedom of movement, quality voice communication and professional features such as intercom, call transfer, automatic forwarding and three way conference calling.


Panasonic KX-UDT131

Thin, lightweight and robust, the KX-UDT131 is the ideal model for work environments where mobility is required for several team members.

> Plus

Requires a KX-UDS124 wireless station on the network.

  • High quality wideband voice
  • Background Noise reduction
  • Integrated Bluetooth®
  • Full-duplex hands free
  • Hazard Level IP65 Protection
  • Fast recharging: 3.0 hours
  • 13 hours (standard) / 10 hours (wideband) conversation time*1
  • 200 hours of autonomy (Standby)
  • Vibration call alert
  • Cryptage DECT

*1 With backlight off and Bluetooth not in use

IP SoundStation 5000

Polycom IP SoundStation 5000

An advanced IP conference phone designed for small conference rooms and executive offices.

> Plus

Enjoy the remarkable clarity that characterizes the teleconference experience of a Polycom SoundStation, in an optimized compact design for executive offices and small meeting rooms.

  • Unparalleled sound quality with Polycom HD Voice, your conference calls are amazingly clear and authentic
  • Suitable for small rooms; his voice microphone picks up sound up to 2 meters away, and its small size makes it ideal for executive offices and small conference rooms of up to six participants.


AASTRA / Mitel M675i

The M675i modules with its 20 programmable keys extends the capabilities of your telephone making it suited for secretarial activity or receptions.

> Plus

These 20 additional keys can be programmed as feature keys, speed-dial keys, direct station selection buttons (DSS) or line status keys. Each key has a line status indicator that works the same way as the input keys on the corresponding phone. The additional keys are easy to program.

This module is compatible with the AASTRA / MITEL M6865i. Modules are available for the other Virtuoso compatible models.

Other options available

Complet Virtuose catalogue

The above equipment selection is only a small part of our catalog of Virtuoso compatible handsets.

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The number of devices supported by Virtuoso is constantly growing, offering new features and opening up new applications for your Virtuoso system.

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