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Business telephone lines

Delivered on B2B2C’s VoIP network

Change to B2B2C, change your billing for the better.

No need to change your telephone equipment or phone numbers to save money.

  B2B2C can provide your office a regular business telephone line, compatible with all hybrid and key telephone systems, for much less than do the giants.

If our SIP business lines is not an option for you, this analog line, delivered via your B2B2C IP access, is your best choice.

Take advantage of our SOHO 2 lines special offer to save even more.

Business line
  • 1 business line
  • New number or number transfer included
  • Extended local zone included
  • Can/US Long Distance at 3.5¢/minute
  • Delivered on Band 1*
  • Conversion equipment included
  • E911 Service
  • Price per line displayed for a 36 months agreement for at least 8 lines
  • * Multiples options available (call)

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Dont wait. Business telephone lines are available on most of the territory currently served by B2B2C’s IP network. Contact your B2B2C representative, he will quickly confirm service availability for each of your sites.

Convert your telephone access to offices located in the metropolitan areas of Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Ottawa to B2B2C phone service and reduce your long distance bill with our extended local calling areas.

See the case study on the Long Distance and Extended local calling areas page, illustrating the benefits for a company with an office in St-Jerome and customers in Châteauguay and Beloeil.

Typical applications

Save on your local lines

Use your high-speed Internet access for more than email and web browsing. Passe your phone lines through our Internet access and save money without compromising on quality.

Save on your long distance

Eliminate long distance charges from your phone bill for the major metropolitan areas of Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Ottawa.

B2B2C business telephone lines service is delivered on the client’s B2B2C IP access, sold separately.
Fax transmission is carried over B2B2C business telephone lines using G.711 CODEC codec encoding or via B2B2C’s IP FAX service, sold separately.
911 NOTICE: VoIP phone emergency 911 features differ from traditional 911 emergency services. Visit www.b2b2c.ca/legal for more information. Municipal 911 tax not included in rate shown.