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Long distance

and extended local calling areas

Stop paying long distance in your neighborhood.
With B2B2C your neighborhood has never been greater!

Contain the growth of your long distance bill

In the Internet Age your business keeps growing outside of its local market, but your current provider does not offer new ways to save! B2B2C has several strategies and tools to help you.

Talk to our specialists They will explore with you these unsuspected savings opportunities.

How can you reduce your long distance bill?
Here are some strategies.

B2B2C Extended local calling areas - Eliminate long distance fees in your metropolitan area

Convert the telephone lines of offices located in the metropolitan regions of Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke and Ottawa to the B2B2C phone service and reduce your long distance bill. Thanks to our extended local calling areas, the majority of regional calls are free.

Contrary to the networks giants B2B2C telephone access, whether SIP, analog or PRI, considers that calls in your own regional market should not be long distance. Your B2B2C account manager can calculate the savings that these areas can generate for your offices. Contact him today.

No more astronomical long distance bills. B2B2C delivers the peace of mind that comes with local calling areas that fit the size of your business.


Traditional local calling area of an office located in St-Jerome for a company dealing with customers in Beloeil and Chateauguay.


This is  the B2B2C’s extended local calling area for the same company.
Calls to its customers in Beloeil and Chateauguay, as well as to the entire Montreal metropolitan area, now free.

Private multi-site network - Eliminate internal calls from your long distance bill

Eradicate unnecessary telecom charges for calls between your own offices. Take advantage of low cost IP access to set up a private IP network unifying all of your sites. Let B2B2C and its certified integration and equipment partners help you reduce fees associated with what is often the largest portion of your call volume.

Navigate to the Private Networks section of our site in order to learn more about how this type of service can be used to reduce your telecom budget.

Chose a multi-zone access to convert your long-distance charges to a fixed monthly fee

B2B2C’s SIP and PRI accesses are available in single and multiple local calling areas (LCA) versions. An easy way to reduce your long distance charges is to select the multiple LCA versions. For a small monthly price increase, you can convert a large portion or all of your long distance calls to unmetered local termination.

Unbeatable basic pricing!

Whether or not you can take advantage of the strategies described above to reduce your long distances, you can count on very competitive North American pricing on our voice access services. For example, B2B2C offers a pricing of 3.5 ¢ / min for basic North American termination on its SIP telephone access.

You have to maintain telephone lines with other carriers? This is not an issue. Optimize your entire long-distance bill with B2B2C, whether it is generated on our telephone circuits or not. B2B2C offers long distance savings plans for third party telephone accesses to most locations in Canada.

Your long distance volume is growing? Speak with your B2B2C account manager about our large-volume agreements.

Ultra-aggressive overseas termination

B2B2C includes with all of its telephone services and LD packages an ultra-competitive international termination schedule. Don’t hesitate. With B2B2C, you have the best rates to industrialized countries, and the rest of the planet. For example, most calls to Western Europe and Asia cost less than 4 ¢ / min for terminations on terrestrial carriers.

One country is of particular interest to your business? Take a look at our International pricing.

Note: Pricing presented may differ from that in force a the time of of the call. Termination in North America does not include Alaska, Hawaii or the Caribbean.