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Find all the features you need. Virtuoso SECUREVoIP is a mature and complete service compatible with a wide range of VoIP devices.

Interactive menus Management interfaces Mobile and computer apps


4 shields against fraudulent overseas calls, private information theft or attacks on your computer systems

The shift to VoIP will have added the telephone system to your IT infrastructure. Virtuoso SECUREVoIP strengthens this new system and protects your business.

Fraud protection 4 sheilds Monitoring Response Team


Customized, installed and monitored

Free your IT team without losing control. Our experts configure your system with you, our technicians install it and our security center monitors it continuously.

Call management expertise Private network Monitoring Center


Local business, regional infrastructure

Virtuoso SECUREVoIP is a service of, one of the largest providers of Internet services to SMEs in Quebec. For 25 years, local businesses have chosen B2B2C for the strength of its network and the quality of its customer service.

SME Specialized Multi-network access 25 years of growth

What is the next step?

  • New system
  • Fortification of an existing system

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