At home, what’s the best type of connection for our devices: wireless or wired?

To connect your many devices to your Internet network, you can choose a wired connection (USB or Ethernet) or a wireless connection. Although a wireless connection is privileged at home since it provides mobility and flexibility, using a wired connection can help maximize the performance of your Internet connection. We will explain what type of connection is preferable according to your device types.

Advantages of a Wired connection

First of all, it should be known that a wired connection has the advantage of being much more stable than a wireless connection. If you have devices that are very data-intensive, like a desktop computer, a connected TV, a game console or a multimedia hard drive, you should favour this type of connection. Indeed, these devices require a higher output to be used comfortably. For example, online gaming on Xbox Live require minimal download speeds of 3 MB/s and upload speeds of 0.5 MB/s to run properly. By using a wired connection, you minimize the chances of experiencing connection problems or being inconvenienced by slowdowns in your downloads. Moreover, since these devices are often grouped together in the same place, such as in a living room for example, and are less likely to be moved, it is simple and advantageous to connect them directly to your network via wire.

Wireless connection, an essential

On the other hand, although a wireless connection is not as efficient, it’s useful and even essential for the use of certain devices. Cell phones, tablets or laptops, which are often used in different places and for which the required performance is less important, are perfect examples of devices where a wireless connection becomes mandatory.

In order to get the most out of it, you can optimize your signal by using a Wi-Fi signal Extender (wireless bridge). It’s a small device whose function is to improve Wi-Fi coverage. You can install it t near the edge of your wireless coverage so that it can pick up the signal and retransmit it a little further to cover a larger area. Several different models are available and after analysis, our team recommends the NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender at $ 39.99 (, February 15, 2017) which offers good value for money.

In short, by using the right connection for your devices, you can easily enjoy the flexibility of a wireless connection as well as the stability and performance you expect from a wired connection.