How to prepare your Internet move?

On July 1st, on average 200,000 Québec households relocate to a new address each year. It’s often an endurance test for those who move, but it is also a marathon for our teams, very solicited during this period. To help those of you who are moving this year, we have collected the best advices from two of our most experienced teammates, Jean-Marc and Alexandre. With their help, you can move your services without worrying.

* Also, here is a complete moving checklist to help you ease your move.

B2B2C: Approaching moving day, what is the biggest frustration expressed by customers?

Service Teams: The first thing to verify with your Internet service provider is that your service is available at your new address. You can do so by contacting one of our sales representatives. If it’s not, don’t worry, because usually he will be able to offer you a comparable plan by means of another technology. For example, as we have experienced in the past, a customer’s cable service may not be available at its new address. In this case, we know that Fiber TTN or DSL service will probably be available and we are able to offer it to the customer.

B2B2C: What is the first thing to verify with our Internet service provider when we’re expecting to move?

Service Teams: The biggest frustration is the installation delay that increases as we move closer to the peak moving period. Because everyone is moving on July 1st, it creates a high demand in a very short period of time. On the other hand, we know that people have a lot to think about during this period and that their Internet service doesn’t necessarily come first. So we try our best to accommodate them.

There are also unexpected events that can cause frustration. One we can think of is when a person moves in and the previous owner hasn’t moved or canceled his Internet service. This prevents us from processing the order, because there can only be one active Internet service at a same address. It’s frustrating for the person who moves in because they can’t necessarily contact this person. In this case, the best we can do is to try processing the order over and over until it finally works.

B2B2C: What can be done to reduce installation delays?

Service Teams: It’s best to inform us as soon as possible, preferably up to a month in advance, and to provide full days of availability for the installation appointment. In these circumstances it’s always easier to schedule a customer than if he only has limited availability. Of course, we know that most people work during the day and that it can be difficult to have a full day free. However, by scheduling your appointment in advance it can be easier to make an arrangement with your employer or to ask a relative to help you out.

B2B2C: How can we ensure that our installation will work successfully on the agreed day?

Service Teams: The first thing you have to do is to make sure you or a designated person over 18 are present on installation day. This is very important because if the person is a minor, the technician doesn’t have the right to step in and will not be able to proceed with the installation. Also, if you are a tenant living in a building, it’s strongly recommended to notify your owner in advance. Sometimes the technician may need to move around the building to proceed to your installation and if no one can access the place he needs, it may compromise your installation. This is something that happens frequently and it’s disappointing when a customer can’t be installed for this reason.

Also make sure you can be reached at the phone number you have given us and that you have all the equipment and access codes we have given you. However, you must know that you shouldn’t refuse the installation if you don’t have your equipment yet. Contrary to what many people believe, they are not required even if they are highly recommended. In such a situation, you can configure them once you have them.

B2B2C: What solutions exist if we move in and our Internet connection is not yet installed?

Service Teams: Solutions are somewhat limited. You have to be patient and provide as many availabilities as possible for the installation appointment. If you can’t deal without your Internet connection, which we can understand very well, you can always ask your mobile Internet provider to increase your data for the month. That way, you can share your connection with your other devices. Finally, if you see a network nearby that you could connect to, don’t hesitate to investigate, it’s probably one of your neighbor. Take a chance and ask them nicely if you can use their connection until yours is installed.

Finally, we must keep in mind that since July 1st is moving day in Quebec. Therefore, nothing is better than planning your Internet move in advance. This will prevent the inconvenience of long installation delays or even an incomplete installation. We hope these advices from our teams will be useful and don’t hesitate to contact our residential service team if you have any questions about your Internet move.