3 free stock image banks tested for you

What would a world without photos look like? This question may seems trivial, but we just need to think about it for a moment to realize how much they are part of our lives. At home, at work, in public areas, on social networks … pictures are everywhere.

With the web, they are circulating and sharing around the world. Unfortunately, we can’t use them as we want and they are sometimes of poor quality. For those who would like to enhance their blog, built printed projects or simply share beautiful photos on social networks, we have found 3 free banking stock images that you can use.

The EveryPixel search engine

EveryPixel is a search engine that indexes 51 photo databases. There are free and royalty-free photos, which can be used for personal or commercial purposes, and also some premium ones. EveryPixel is very easy to use and basically works like google. You type a keyword and have the option to filter your searches in many ways: orientation, color, author, type of image, etc. Once you have found an image you like, you just have to choose the resolution you want and download it.

Another interesting component of this tool is that it allows to measure the quality level of an imported image. So you can use one of your photo files or paste a URL and its artificial intelligence will indicate you its quality level in percentage. It’s therefore very interesting for those who want to know if the quality of their image is good or not.

The Pexels website

In the same way, Pexels is a tool that allows you to search photos by using keywords. The only difference in its search properties is that it also offers you to navigate through predefined categories. That way you can let yourself get inspired without necessarily doing specific research. It offers you categories such as the most popular photos and the most popular searches.

The advantage of Pexels is that everything you can find is free and that in addition to photos, you can even download videos. An added value for those who want to upgrade their content with videos.

The FreePhotos website

FreePhotos is a French website that offers free photos, whether it’s for a website or a personal project, and also premium images. While it doesn’t filter your searches as well as the two other websites, you still have the option to use keywords or choose from its set of predefined categories.

With this tool, you have the advantage of being able to submit your own photos. If they are accepted, they will be distributed for free. A great way to get your work discover because FreePhotos encourages users to mention the photographer when they publish something.

In sum, whether it’s for your personal or professional projects, you can improve your project or your website by using these three stock image banks.