A free app which enables you to geolocate yourselves without Internet

Your vacations are coming soon and you’re looking for a perfect place to travel this summer? Wherever you’re on the planet, Maps.me is the travel app you need to download before leaving! Installed more than 90 million times since its launching in 2011, this FREE app makes it possible to download offline maps for almost everywhere in the world. You can easily use Maps.me with your smartphones’ internal GPS system. When you are on vacation, the app is able to find you thought geolocation anywhere in the world without having to pay for Internet access!

Internet access, when you are abroad, can be very expensive except for the WIFI connection offered in hotels or in coffee shops. Going online in another country can generate a hefty bill when you come back home. To avoid international roaming fees, Maps.me is a very interesting and a simple solution. It’s  available on Android and IOS platforms directly on Google Play Store or App Store.

Routes and tourist Attractions Included

As if free offline maps with GPS location were not enough, with Maps.me, you can also create your own driving, cycling and walking itineraries. Moreover, with this app, you can search various attractions and tourist destinations such as restaurants, museums, subways, parks, coffee shops, boutiques and more. Also, with this app, you can save your favourite attractions in your “Bookmarks.” Because  these maps are regularly updated by million users, you’re you can plan with them knowing that the data should be accurate today! It’s really well done.

Ensure you have enough space for the maps

The only disadvantage is the need for storage space. Specifically, it’s necessary to have enough space on your telephone in order to be able to download the maps you require during your trip. It can take a lot of space on a smartphone if you want to keep all the maps you need, but you don’t have to worry for Android phones! A very simple solution is to buy and SD card.

Just like you, many B2B2C team members are preparing to travel abroad this summer. Familiar with Google maps, we are really impressed by how easy it is  to keep digital maps paired with our phone’s GPS. We hope that Maps.me can also  help you on your next trip!