Three apps from Quebec to better plan your trips

Our team is always looking for new ways Internet can help us in our daily life.This week, we want to share with you three apps from Quebec that we find very useful. All are focused on improving our transportation.

Transit: to use multiple means of transport

A young start-up from Montreal offers Transit, an app that is an ideal assistant when you’re on the go, whatever your means of transport. The bus is late? The subway system slows down? Compared to Google Maps, Transit can help you more with real-time data to stay up-to-date so you can avoid traffic.

Netlift: Sharing the road for the environment

Founded in Montreal (2012), Netlift allows with an app of the same name to engage inshort-distance carpooling. Different from Uber, Netlift’s business model is based on planned carpooling for a more eco-friendly transportation. This mobile app puts forward the notion of real sharing, because the carpooling driver must ensure that the other users will have made the trip anyway. Another benefit with this approach is that the trip costs much less compared to Uber or a taxi.

Boostmi: Roadside assistance without membership fees

Rather than calling services like CAA for a car battery boosting, Boostmi, an app from a young Montreal company, assists their users to help each other. With this service, there is no monthly subscription fee, the user pays only when he needs assistance! When a user’s car breaks down, he can, with one click, obtain help from nearby members based on geolocation. The app also makes it easy to call for others services by professional mechanics, such as towing or flat tire repair.

We are always pleasantly surprised by the apps quality designed in Quebec. Focused on transportation, these three apps seduced us because they are so very helpful. We have several others services we can’t wait to talk to you about. If you are like us, interested in what our local tech businesses are developing, you can count on us for more great finds like these!