Upcoming launch of the new version of our Subscriber Portal


We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of a new version of our Subscriber Portal. Our team worked hard for several months on this new user-friendly and modern platform. We think we have succeeded. We are really excited to show it to you.

We have redesigned the Subscriber Portal to simplify as much as possible your experience as a user. Like you, we mainly use our cell phone in our everyday life. The Subscriber Portal has been completely redesigned by our team to be compatible with these smaller screens.

You can quickly connect with your phone to view account information or to get the configuration for one of your services!


Account Information

The information on your account balance and on your monthly Internet transfer will be easier to locate, because we place it on the homepage. In addition, for those who use our telephone services, taking messages and activating /deactivating call transferring will be faster as it will also be accessible from the home screen.

Deep redesign

Behind the improvements, we also rebuilt the technical environment on which this portal operates. Our goal: to help you manage your account and services without having to contact our support teams. Some of these new capabilities will be already be present at the launch, but more will be revealed during the next months. It’s very exciting!

In a future article we will go into more details,but here are some quick facts to remember as the launch approaches:

  • The new site will be launched mid-July.
  • During the first few months, it will be available in Beta.
  • Like the previous one, the new Subscriber Portal will be accessible for residential and commercial accounts.
  • During the beta phase, it will be possible to switch to the new version by activating a new access for your account.
  • The current version of the Subscriber Portal will still be available during the beta phase.
  • At the beginning of September, if all goes well, the Beta phase will be over and the old portal will be retired.

Next update after Canada Day. Happy celebrations to all.