Launch of our Internet access services on the Cogeco network

We are proud to announce the launch of our Internet access services on the Cogeco network, the second largest cable operator in Ontario and Quebec. We are very pleased with the addition of a network of this size as it will allow us to offer affordable, powerful and reliable Internet plans to more Canadians.

Visit the Cogeco website to view the extent of this network: 

Adding this network will allow us to reach several cities and regions in southern Quebec, the Laurentians, Trois Rivières and Lac-Saint-Jean.

Cable V and C services

In order to better distinguish Internet access on the Cogeco network from those we offer on Vidéotron’s network, we have renamed the later “Cable V” and those delivered on Cogeco’s network, “Cable C”.

Discover our new Cable C plans:

Simultaneous launch: Check availability on our website

We are also pleased to announce we have added the ability to check for availability of our Cable and Fiber TTN Internet access on our website.

Two options to check availability at your address

All at once

Check availability for all our different access technologies at the same time on our Internet page.


For one specifically

Check availability of a specific technology at your address directly on the page presenting this type of access.

Note that our ability to validate your address online is limited. Before concluding that the service is not available at your home, we invite you to contact us by chat, email or phone for a complete validation with our team.