Complete guide on how to prepare your move

Préparez notre déménagement | Prepare your move

How do I organize my move?

A move is a big event that involves many steps and many levels. Rather than going into it blindly, without a defined plan, it is possible to establish a clear and efficient plan that will save you time and stress.

Are you planning to move soon, and don’t know where to start? Follow our 5 expert moving tips to be well prepared and forget as little as possible.

1. When should I start planning my move?

The secret to any successful move is to start planning ahead. That being said, planning your move should begin as soon as you know the official moving day. This technique not only ensures that you avoid last minute stress, but also that you get the best deals possible. Here are some ways to gain from gaining a head start on organizing your move:

Find a moving company or a moving truck

It will be easier for you to find professionals or rent a moving truck of your choice at lower prices.

Stockpile moving boxes

Start collecting boxes as soon as possible, so you don’t have to buy or run out on move day. If you’re not able to accumulate enough boxes before the big day, it’s possible to find moving boxes online quickly so you can have everything you need delivered! If you’re planning a more eco-friendly move, you can rent plastic moving boxes in advance.

Get rid of excess belongings

Take advantage of the time you have to sort through the items you’ve accumulated over the years and sell, donate or throw away the ones you don’t want to move with you.

Inform your service providers

It is recommended that you notify your Internet service provider of your move as soon as possible, to ensure you get the installation date you want.


2. How to take an inventory for your move?

Making an inventory of your belongings is an essential step in the process of a succesful move. First, it’s an efficient way to sort out what you want to keep for your new home, and what you won’t need. You can think about how to get rid of these belongings (charity organizations, giving to friends/family, resale, etc.). How do you do your inventory properly?

  • Make a list, by hand or on the computer (e.g. Excel), of all the items to be moved.
  • Group items into categories, similar to the ones you will write on your boxes (ex: living room, dishes, bathroom, etc.)
  • Determine which items can be packed ahead of time and which items should be packed last.

An inventory is an excellent tool for you and the moving company you hire, as it gives you an immediate idea of the size of your move. In addition, it allows you not to forget anything, and to save time on packing. You can also easily find a moving checklist on the web.


3.How to make a moving calendar for your move?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do in the middle of a move. When you’re surrounded by boxes, and half your belongings are packed, a timeline can be your best friend! Here are some tips on how to use a moving calendar successfully:

  • Mark your calendar with the parts and items you want/need to have packed.
  • Make sure you plan a realistic schedule, doing a little bit of work each day.
  • Stick to your schedule as much as possible.


4. How do I change my address before I move?

Although the heavy paperwork load is one of the worst aspects of moving, it is important to make your address changes to avoid all sorts of problems in the future. Today, when almost everything is sent by email, it may seem unnecessary to report your new home address. However, there are still many reasons why it is important to change your address:

It is the law

In Canada, it is mandatory to inform government institutions of your new residential address. This may seem complicated and exhausting when you’re in the middle of a move, but it’s actually a fairly simple and quick process these days. It is therefore essential to change your address with the Government of Canada.

It is a means of identification for many institutions

Your residential address is used to identify you to certain services, such as financial institutions and Internet service providers. In addition, the postal code associated with your address designates affiliation with specific services, such as schools.

Ensures the delivery of importants documents

You may need important documents mailed to you, such as your annual tax returns. By recording the correct address, you avoid missing these important communications, as well as waste.

Fortunately, there is a concierge service that specializes in moving, allowing you to change your address with a multitude of institutions at the same time, in one place!


5. What resources are available to help me plan my move?

There are many online resources that can help you with different tasks throughout the planning of your move. Knowing about these different services can be very helpful, and make your move easier.

For the inventory of your belongings.

There are applications that allow you to inventory your material possessions, and to create lists to simplify your moving process.

To sell your items.

You can sell the items you don’t want to keep on different websites and mobile applications such as Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.

To help you in your move.

Whether it’s finding a moving company, making address changes or finding a new insurance premium, a moving concierge service allows you to organize your move quickly and efficiently, but also to save money since you can easily compare the options available to you.

Extra tips:

Internet Service Providers

Moving is the perfect opportunity to make sure your package is right for you. It’s not always easy to choose your Internet package,with the many factors that influence which package is best for you. Don’t hesitate to talk to our representatives to find out more about your options.


Don’t forget to notify your children’s school of your change of address. As soon as you know the date of your move and the address of your new home, it is important to contact the office of the current school and fill out the change of address form. This form can be found on the website of the school board of the current school. The school is then responsible for updating student records. You can find the contact information for schools and school boards on the Government of Quebec’s interactive map.

Getting organized for an event as important as a move can seem difficult, and in the face of stress, people can tend to neglect their planning. By following the five tips aboveyou can help make your move efficient and enjoyable by keeping an organized schedule and administrative tasks ahead of time.Notifying your Internet service provider of your change of address will help you avoid running out of Internet service during the first few days in your new home. By getting a head start on these tasksyou can be sure to have a smooth and satisfying moving experience.