Thank you for responding to our call to defend affordable Internet access

Last week, we called on you to ask the government to reverse the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) decision to lower the average price of Internet access for all Canadians.

We want to thank you for your strong response to our call. We got a great response from you: 25% of you, our customers, took the time to express your dissatisfaction with the situation. That’s a lot!

On July 15th, the CNOC (Canadian Competitive Network Operators), of which we are a member, sent an official petition to the Governor in Council of the Canadian Government in which they informed the government of multiple shocking facts such as :

  • Final rates are now up to 265% higher than the rates approved in 2019.
  • The cable company Videotron and its subsidiary Fizz are selling 120 Mbs Internet access on the market at a price lower than the wholesale fee they charge us before paying any other fees.

More information is available in: the CNOC Petition to Government.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. If you haven’t yet, there is still some time before the government’s decision. We invite you to fill out the form to say no to higher Internet prices: