How do we limit the Internet content that our kids can see during online schooling?

It’s back-to-school time, but you’re worried about the content your kids can see while taking online classes or while you work from home?

Several options exist to limit Internet content. For example, changing the settings on browsers such as Chrome or Safari to limit search results, creating restricted user accounts for your kids on their computers, and adding passwords when your kids want to install new games or other apps on their mobile devices. Another option is to install a security suite that includes parental controls.

To ensure complete control over your children’s online activity, we recommend one of these application suits. Our Kaspersky Total Security Service includes a parental control called “Safe Kids” that is available on several platforms including iPhone, iPad, PC and Android devices.

How can I control and manage the video content on YouTube that my children watch?

“Safe Kids” offers several solutions to limit access to your children with customized settings. For example, the app allows you to prevent access to content by blocking inappropriate and dangerous searches on YouTube. You also have the ability to easily view their search history and you can also limit the screen time of the device your child uses.

We encourage you to visit our Antivirus Protection page to learn more about the features of our Kaspersky security service.

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