Government must protect Canadians

The future of competition in Canada is in the hands of the Canadian government. Their decision is expected before the end of May.

We and our association, CNOC , have done everything we can to protect the right to Internet access for all Canadians. One that is offered at prices that are close to those paid elsewhere on the planet .

Here is an article from the Toronto Star that sums up the issues surrounding this decision:

For those interested in more details on the history of the battle that has been raging for over 7 years and the steps we have taken as a member of the CNOC, here are the press releases of our association:

Finally, we would like to thank all of you who responded to the latest appeal from the OpenMedia lobby group. More than 33,000 people asked the Ministers to protect them by reversing the latest CRTC decisions:

For an affordable Canadian Internet.