Why choose B2B2C ?

Since its foundation in 1995, B2B2C aims to deliver human, professional and personalized service at competitive prices. This quality of service is what we think many Canadians are looking for in their telecommunications services provider and what distinguishes us from the industry giants. B2B2C is proud to say that since the beginning, our success relies on the good comments made by our customers to their friends and family.

Why not simply buy from one of the major telecom providers?

Bell, Videotron, Rogers and the other giants of the industry have a role to play.  But if you’re looking for an operator that puts the focus on excellent customer service, on easy to undertand billing and holding to a no hiden fees policy, B2B2C should be your choice.  Go beyond the giants’ advertising, rediscover the high-quality that you’ve been looking for, at competitive prices, with B2B2C.

This is the first time I hear of B2B2C. Are you also known under other names?

Yes, B2B2C operates under other names in certain regions, notably in the Eastern Townships where we operate as Abacom-B2B2C.  These regional banners reflect our long operating history and our local presence in many regions of Ontario and Quebec. Also, many companies operate as autorized agents of B2B2C.  They extend our presence in the major centers as in  smaller towns.  These partners include computer equipement stores, Internet cafés and even bookstores.

Can I order my services online?

Unfortunately, we’ve had to remove this option to ensure the simplicity of the ordering process for our customers . We invite you to contact our team of service representatives. Let them complete the order for you to ensure a smooth activation of your new B2B2C services. They are available by phone or email during the day, evenings or weekend.  Wait times are usually under 3 minutes. Contactez-nous.

What do I need to know about the limitations of 9-1-1 service when it’s delivered over VoIP ?

B2B2C’s local telephone service is delivered through your high speed Internet access using Voice over IP protocols (VoIP). VoIP based 9-1-1 service is different from traditional telephone 9-1-1 services. Before dialing 9-1-1 make sure you know your address/location. 9-1-1 service will not be available if there is a power failure or service outage. For more details read our termes and conditions of service.

What are your terms of service ?

B2B2C maintains at all times its terms of service on its Web site (www.b2b2c.ca). Take a look at them before ordering  by following this hyperlink: termes and conditions.

What is automated call forward and how can I activate it?

De notre interface Web, associez une adresse courriel. Une copie de tous les messages vocaux sera alors acheminée à cette adresse dès qu’ils sont enregistrés. L’enregistrement est en pièce jointe et il peut être écouté d’un ordinateur équipé d’haut-parleurs ou de votre téléphone intelligent.

Comment puis-je prendre mes messages vocaux de l’interface web?

Add automatic transfer/call forwarding and redirect your calls to another telephone number automatically. Set the call forward number through your online Web management interface. It’s the logical choice if you want to take your calls from your cellular phone, your cottage or office.
* If you select a telephone number that is outside your local calling area, redirected calls will be treated as long distance calls.

Qu’est ce que le renvoi automatique d’appel et comment l’activer?

Ajoutez le renvoi d’appel et faites acheminer vos appels vers un autre numéro automatiquement. Le choix logique pour prendre ses appels sur son cellulaire, au chalet ou au bureau. Vous n’avez qu’à identifier le numéro de téléphone où vous voulez acheminer les appels via l’interface Web de gestion.
*Noter que si le numéro inscrit est à l’extérieur de votre zone locale de service, les appels générés par le renvoi d’appel seront traités comme des interurbains.

How does adding a second IP phone line work?

Add a second line to your IP telephony account so that you may place and receive two calls simultaneously. A distinct telephone number is included with the second line. It’s the ideal feature for the teleworker and for large and active families. It’s simple. No additional equipment required. The line is activated on the second RJ11 (phone jack) port at the back of your existing IP Telephony interface (provided with the first line). You can also activate additional features like voicemail and call forwarding on your second line. Registration in different directories, White pages and 411 service, is distinct for each line.