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News and tips to get the most out of the Internet

Subscriber Arera come out of its beta phase!

On November 6th, the new Subscriber Arera will come out of its beta phase! Our team worked very hard to finalize the new site for you. We would like to thank all the customers who participated in the beta and all of you who took the time to send us an error report or your…
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The loss of Net Neutrality choking firefighters in the US

Reference to arstechnica article: Read the article "County Fire saw its speed of unlimited Internet access throttled by its service provider, Verizon, which has had a significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services." wrote in a statement the Santa Clara County Fire Chief Anthony Bowden "As part of this plan, users get unlimited…
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How to choose a good password?

We use passwords everywhere: emails, bank accounts, social networks, streaming services, e-commerce and more. According to a Deloitte study, 90% of passwords are vulnerable. To protect more your personal information on the Internet, our team offers you some tips and tricks to improve the security of your passwords. Passwords to avoid Avoid choosing associations with…
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Our new Subscriber Area is now available online!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new Subscriber Area! This new platform is now available for all residential and commercial accounts. The Subscriber Area has been completely redesigned for you so that you can consult it directly on your tablet or smartphone.   Access to the old portal is still possible…
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