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Print photos from your smartphone: online service or specialized application? We tested for you

Printing photos is still common practice and with online photo printing services, we can do it easily from home. These services, which are offered by several stores, are gaining in popularity. However, using them directly from a mobile phone or tablet is not always easy. For those who would like to have additional options, we […]

The recent CRTC decisions have shaken the Internet market

Over the past several months, the CRTC has issued several decisions in favor of a more competitive Internet market. These decisions have generated many changes in the market. If you’re interested in the battle for neutral, reliable and affordable Internet access in Canada, here is an overview of the most important decisions that has been […]

What is the virtual phone number and is it for you?

Today, mobile phones have greatly reduce the need for a traditional home telephone line. B2B2C’s virtual number frees this residential line and gives it functionalities adapted to our hyperactive world. What is B2B2C’s virtual number? Our virtual number, like the traditional phone line, is associated with an actual phone number. This number can be one […]

On the drawing board: Our site gets rejuvenated.

We’re pleased to welcome you to B2B2C’s new residential services website. We are very proud of it and we hope you’ll enjoy its design. Our customer service team and programmers worked several months to achieve this new design. This is the second of our three sites, but not least, to make its transition to a […]