Move your B2B2C services

So you’re moving? Good. With B2B2C, our existing customers pay the same promotional price as we offer to our new customers.

Internet Access ¹

Price ²

Installation ³

Cable to Cable

42.00$ FREE


Fiber TTN to Cable

42.00$ FREE


Fiber TTN to Fiber TTN


Assisted Installation

No moving charge for your phone service.

¹ Corresponds to the type of Internet access at a new residence.

² Activation fees apply for the installation of the service at a new residence. Does not include handling fees if required.

³ Please take note the difference between the self-installation and the assisted installation by consulting this page of our FAQ: How will my Internet access service be installed? 

Why not migrate to cable!

Do you have fiber access? Take advantage of your move to migrate to cable access. Activation fees are lower and we have packages that compete very well with a 25 or 50 Mbs access on Fiber.

30 mbs Cable V


60 mbs Cable V


120 mbs Cable V