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Where to install my router for a better Internet connection?

Have you ever experienced problems with your Wi-Fi? It can be very unpleasant to lose your Internet connection while watching a TV show, while playing online with your friends or during a video call with your colleagues. The location of the router is key to getting the best possible Internet signal in your home. Here […]

What streaming services have Christmas movies in Quebec?

What better way to relax during the holiday season than to watch Christmas movies! Whether it’s Christmas comedies, romantic movies or family movies, we’ve selected a few streaming platforms and compiled several Christmas movies that are available in Quebec to get you in the holiday mood. Netflix Netflix offers a very large catalog of movies, […]

Netflix alternatives in Quebec: Which services to choose?

What streaming services are available in Quebec? What are their offers? How much do these subscriptions cost?  We’ve done the research for you. The popularity of streaming platforms has been confirmed in Quebec homes for several years now. People are increasingly cancelling their cable subscriptions to watch TV exclusively online.  Netflix is the most popular […]